Glance does not accept authentication

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Hello, My current problem is that I installed glance (no error during the installation) and at the point I want to verify the installation with an image creation, I get the following error:

root@borkum:/tmp/images# source ~/
root@borkum:/tmp/images# glance image-create --name "cirrosTestImage" --disk-format qcow2 \
--container-format bare --is-public True --progress < cirros-0.3.2-x86_64-disk.img
[=============================>] 100%
Request returned failure status.
HTTPInternalServerError (HTTP 500)

my admin-openrc settings are exactly as described in the installation guide . Has anybody an idea, what I could do? I already tryed diefferend authentication settings, but non of them worked.


The /var/log/glance/registry.og file gives this:

OperationalError: (OperationalError) (1045, "Access denied for user 'glance'@'controller' (using password: YES)") None None
2014-12-16 10:37:49.800 26102 INFO glance.wsgi.server [KEYSTONE IDs - - -] - - [16/Dec/2014 10:37:49] "POST /images HTTP/1.1" 500 139 0.516276

The api.log says nothing more. The debug output isn't very helpfull either. I also checked that the user glance is in the admin role and in the glance tenant.

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Check your glance log at /var/log/glance and put the error message on your post.

Mzoorikh gravatar imageMzoorikh ( 2014-12-15 10:32:42 -0600 )edit

I meet the same problem, have you fixed it yet?

darren-wang gravatar imagedarren-wang ( 2015-01-11 22:43:11 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-12-16 02:58:51 -0600

Drop the glance database and set the character set to utf8 mysql -u root -p


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Still won't work.

vari gravatar imagevari ( 2014-12-16 03:38:19 -0600 )edit

answered 2014-12-15 10:23:21 -0600

Anorak gravatar image

You should take a look in the glance logs if you haven't already. Set debug = True as well in the glance conf files to extract the detailed info on what's going on in the back ground.

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