devstack installation problem

asked 2014-12-15 07:10:49 -0600

anna_g gravatar image

hello, I am trying to run and is failing with an error:

ERROR: Exception raised: python-neutronclient is installed but python-neutronclient<3,>=2.3.5 is required by []

Does anybody know how to solve this error?? It occured today-i did a full installation on friday and the script completed successfylly.

Thank you in advance

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I have the same problem when I try to run yesterday!

rice gravatar imagerice ( 2014-12-16 00:39:35 -0600 )edit

were you able to find any solution to that??

anna_g gravatar imageanna_g ( 2014-12-16 03:31:57 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-12-16 04:58:31 -0600

Aman gravatar image

I think you should upgrade the setuptools

  1. sudo pip install --upgrade setuptools
  2. ./

problem will be solve :)

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answered 2014-12-22 16:44:44 -0600

I have downgraded setuptools to 7.0.

sudo pip install setuptools==7.0

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answered 2014-12-16 03:40:25 -0600

rice gravatar image

updated 2014-12-17 01:16:51 -0600

I had the same problem. After I pull the new code, the problem solve.

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answered 2014-12-15 21:22:58 -0600

jwy gravatar image

I was getting similar errors about python-neutronclient today. I was able to get to run successfully after updating my devstack files, now at commit 7f8028069883b8214bd2aae56f78514a4fddddbe.

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