Scalr Openstack flavor error

asked 2013-10-02 10:26:54 -0600

ccarstea gravatar image


everytime i try to create a server in Scalr -> Openstack i get this error: Unable to launch instance: Cannot launch new instance. OpenStack error. Invalid flavorRef provided.

Pls. help.

Thanks, Cristian

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I am not familiar with Scalr; but I believe, the flavor defined in the farm role (being used to launch an instance) no longer exists in your OpenStack setup. You can check if 'nova flavor-list' command lists the flavor defined in the farm role.

unmesh-gurjar gravatar imageunmesh-gurjar ( 2013-10-02 23:55:06 -0600 )edit

yeah, i found out that if you modify flavor in openstack it changes flavor ID, so you have to logout/login again in scalr to view new flavors ids. This is an workaround. If someone has different solution pls help.

ccarstea gravatar imageccarstea ( 2013-10-03 03:35:39 -0600 )edit