What is the expected range of root disk sizes? [closed]

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When I look at the documentation on flavor files: http://docs.openstack.org/grizzly/openstack-compute/admin/content/instance-building-blocks.html#instance-building-blocks-flavors, I see the virtual root disk size shown for the m1.small to m1.xlarge flavors remaining constant at 10gig and the ephemeral disk ranging from 20 to 160gig. When I look at an OpenStack environment built by a friend, I see the ephemeral size always at 0gig and the virtual root disk size containing the values 20 to 160gig.

I know an admin can modify the values but my friend says he didn't. In addition, I would have expected the virtual root disk to remain constant for the flavors in order to allow me to easily choose different size virtual machines to hold a Linux image. Is the documentation showing the flavors wrong or has my friend someone incorrectly and unknowingly swapped the values in the flavor for virtual root disk size and ephemeral size? In addition, what is the expected normal range of root disk image sizes?

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that will depending upon your glane image . also you can create custom flavor depending upon your requirement

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