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ok, so coming from a vmware background and initialing thinking setting up a openstack would be simple (using rdo packstack at the moment), tho more I read about networking the more complicated it's getting :-) .. hence seeking some advice … Here's what were looking to create; we don't really need floating ip addresses, instead the goal is to have x compute nodes attached to bonded nic's, trunking x vlans, each associated to a particular subnet (web, app, db etc). Routing we want handled by an external physical device (on a .1 address) and so each of these networks and vm should be assessable from the corporate network via the physical router. All i need openstack to perform is the dhcp and the vm lifecycle - firewall optional.

does all traffic have to go via a network node? i also assuming this for natted (floating ip) only? what would be the best network mode to use?

any help is much appreciated

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answered 2013-10-02 08:58:39 -0600

I ran into the same thing! The problem is that packstack assumes that you want to have a virtual router in your vm environment and want to nat your internall IPs behind it to an external IP(s).

I set up openstack without using packstack. Then you would have the same concept as in vmware vswitch.

I don't have the exact steps needed for this, but will be documenting this in the near future.

take a look at

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