Neutron namespace not getting updated Until Neutron server is restarted

asked 2014-12-11 12:27:34 -0600

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I am able to create the VM and assign external IP. It woks fine with out any issue and is displayed in dashboard.

But the IP assigned to Vm will be added to neutron router only after a neutron server restart . I have checked most of logs and couldn't find any suspicious logs.

When the neutron server is restarted the and when server is backup running the External IP will be present in the router .

have any one faced such issue. I have configured openstack Juno over centos. If any one have any idea to trouble shoot this please update.

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answered 2014-12-26 15:32:43 -0600

Looks like your L3 agent is not picking the message up from the bus until you restart the service. During startup the server/l3 agent will connect to the rabbit bus (if you are using rabbit) and pull any messages off.

When assigning your external IP you should tail the logs in the neutron service /l3 agent host to see if it gets the request.

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