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Hi all,

I've leased a dedicated server from a US based datacenter. I'm trying to get RDO up and running, on top of a fresh CentOS 7 install (+ updates).

The server is nice and beefy, with two wired NICs, plenty of CPU and memory for testing and learning. Potentially, I'll do a migration from an ESXi server to KVM instances on this box. I have been issued a /27 public subnet by the DC and need this to get into the server and for floating IPs.

I started with a packstack --allinone install and have tweaked the answer file to provision the higher /28 of this subnet for floating ips.

So, for my physical NICs I have:

subnet a.b.c.160/27
Gateway: a.b.c.161
eno1: br-ex
br-ex: a.b.c.162
eno2: a.b.c.163

(a.b.c are some actual public ip block values)

This works fine. I can ssh into either ip on the host itself.

In my answers file:


First, does this sound like a good approach?

And second, I've been stumbling a lot with associating an IP to my first (demo) instance ("no available port"), and also with ping from the host to the guest VMs, though the guest instance does seem to pick up the ip. Any ideas on that?

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