develope new features: VM placement, security wise, in OpenStack

asked 2014-12-10 03:28:19 -0500

AlonFre gravatar image

Hi all, we are working on a final project (in our engeneering studies), were we want to implement a feature that deals with VM placement issues - security wise. for example, if we recognize some security attack, we can replace some of the VMs location in the network, in order to protect them from the attack (lets say side channel attack)

At first step, we are installing open stack system according to the "OpenStack Installation Guide for Ubuntu 14.04 - juno" in order to learn the system.

we woud like to get some directions / opinions from you guys, in order to deside what will be our next steps?, on which componnents should we focuse?, and what is the "right" way toward developing new features in OpenStack?.

Thanks in advance, Alon and Eldad

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