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Using older Debian kernels to install Juno release

asked 2014-12-09 02:07:05 -0500

I would try to follow latest manual to install Juno openstack release but with older debian distribution.

Let say latest Debian 6 but not Debian 7 wheezy.

( Reason I want this - I believe Red Hat Virtio Drivers for Windows and FreeBSD virtual images have some bugs with kvm and libvirtd versions included and no info how to fix this. )

Anybody can confirm that using Debian 6 not Debian 7 for installation with Juno normal repository will work fine?

I strongly want to stay on Debian/KVM platform and do not change it for Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos 6 , Centos 7 or something.

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answered 2014-12-09 02:39:12 -0500

DanIzack gravatar image

It's not prohibited love Debian 7 or 6, however, if you want make happy your Employer the choice looks like :
1. Ubuntu Trusty serves as a base for upstream development with Bug Tracking system @Launchpad
2. CentOS 7 ( RHEL 7) as a platform for RDO (RHOS) MultiNode deployment , extensively tested and used in production environment by RH.
Debian Unstable been for a while used in Ubuntu Core Development (Xen or Spice implementation for instance), unfortunately didn't reach a final target make Debian as strong competitor for RH, Canonical, Oracle.

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Thank you for comment. I replaced 3.2 kernel for latest kernel 3.10 and it was helpful. Inside 3.2 kernel that comes from mirrors virtio features are tagged as "experimental" but in 3.10 no tags like this so I believe they are fixing something.

szemtsov gravatar imageszemtsov ( 2014-12-12 06:39:28 -0500 )edit

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