spawn instance into a private network

asked 2014-12-08 02:41:45 -0600

Deepika gravatar image

Hi, I want to spawn the instance into a private network so that it gets its IP from that network itself and I can ping it as well as access it. I need help on this, as to how should I configure neutron for this??? I have an Icehouse Controller/network node, compute node and glance node.

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answered 2014-12-08 05:53:01 -0600

Deepika gravatar image

I already have a physical network with me. I want my vm's to get IP's from that network on spawning. Will these steps work in that scenario?

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answered 2014-12-08 04:20:13 -0600

Prateek K gravatar image


you havent specified which network topology you would like to use. From the terms such as private network it seems you are going for a VLAN tenant network. Am it correct?

If yes then try creating a new network and add a subnet to the network and spawn a VM. A network namespace will be created in neutron(network) node from where you will be able to acess the VM via its private IP


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I have a network with me, existing physical network. I want to create the new VM's into that network and make them accessible from my organisation's intranet.

Deepika gravatar imageDeepika ( 2014-12-09 23:38:54 -0600 )edit

answered 2014-12-08 04:44:15 -0600

dbaxps gravatar image

Login as demo ( for instance), via dashboard GUI

1.Create private net && subnet with DHCP ( say demo_network )
2. Create router and set it's internal interface to demo_network and external gateway to public.
3. When launching new instance you will get drop-down menu with name "demo_network", click on it to select.
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Can you please explain the steps? I am new to networking.

Deepika gravatar imageDeepika ( 2014-12-08 05:36:33 -0600 )edit

I did my best, please , do some googling for step by step instructions.

dbaxps gravatar imagedbaxps ( 2014-12-08 05:46:16 -0600 )edit

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