VM sends DHCPREQUEST through bridge that has no correct member interface

asked 2014-12-07 23:49:41 -0600


I learned in general FlatDHCP model and compute node administration manual. But then I get console-log of instance I see that dhcprequests fail.

Then I noticed that instance is listening through bridge and tried to troubleshoot

dhclient -v br100

brctl show

It was clear that my eth1 flat and public interface - that are recommended to be equal in juno installation guide - are not the member of bridge, If I tried to add manually interface to bridge - it says busy. It is clear that dhcp does not work. Anybody faced this situation? Any blog to read?

I do not have to configure bridge - br100 - in /etc/network/interfaces , Debian. Because in Juno system add br100 automatically then I start legacy nova services,

But in older releases and Ubuntu people configure br100 in "interfaces". Does it make sense to make bridge configured in interfaces in Juno?

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answered 2014-12-22 06:21:37 -0600

Fast solution was extremely simple just re-plug cable for flat interface to correct vlan on switch (subnet).

However older compute admin guide of 2013 teaches that br100 bridge can be defined in interfaces and empty string flat_dhcp _interface="" means that it is static. Another need to understand why to kill dnsmasq manually sometimes.

Thanks to technical writers compute admin manual has really good network diagrams for FlatDHCP manager and more.

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