Can I upgrade KVM version on compute node?

asked 2014-12-07 23:25:45 -0600

Is it good practice to upgrade manually KVM to different that is included in Juno release?

Reason - I guess I have bug in current kvm installed and may be it is fixed in newer version.

Other - is it safe to switch between KVM and XEN on compute node of Juno/Debian? Or to have both of them. Anybody tried to make it?

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answered 2014-12-08 14:07:31 -0600

mpetason gravatar image

There isn't really a switch between KVM and XEN. It tends to be more of a migration. You have to get all of the workloads stopped and then migrate them back, and verify that everything is configured correctly to run on Xen.

You'll want to start with whichever hypervisor type you want to use from the start, it makes it a lot easier. If you don't mind migrating everything then you could look into changing, however it is definitely destructive to do this. Your nova + kvm setup is probably using local disk to store instances, which means if you remove the hypervisor and install over it that you will lose all of your instances. Your networking type is also dependent on the hypervisor used.

Xen - you'll have to use NSX or Nova-Network.

KVM - you can use Neutron and most of the plugins.

It's not really as simple as just changing the hypervisor type is what I'm getting at.

Info on disk types needed and how to migrate:

Snapshots to migrate instances:

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