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Multiple instances of Ceilometer

asked 2013-09-30 03:32:35 -0500

Bart van den Heuvel gravatar image

Having multiple instances of OpenStack components is great to have a scallable, high available OpenStack cloud. For some components of OpenStack i know for certain that i can run multiple instances in the same cloud, how about Ceilometer?

  • Can i install multiple instances of Ceilometer in the same cloud
  • Can i load balance them? Placing them behind a load balancer have the API and other feautures available via round-robin?
  • Are there differences between Grizzly and Havana in this context?


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answered 2013-10-02 08:57:28 -0500

Bart van den Heuvel gravatar image

Ceilometer has mutlitple components:

ceilometer-agent-compute An agent that runs on each Compute node to poll for resource utilization statistics.

ceilometer-agent-central An agent that runs on a central management server to poll for utilization statistics about resources not tied to instances or Compute nodes.

ceilometer-collector An agent that runs on one or more central management servers to monitor the message queues. Notification messages are processed and turned into metering messages, and sent back out on to the message bus using the appropriate topic. Metering messages are written to the data store without modification.

Mongo database For collected usage sample data.

API Server Runs on one or more central management servers to provide access to the data store's data. Only the Collector and the API server have access to the data store.

So the Collector, Central-Agent, API could run multiple times, providing ha and performance improvements through redundancy.

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