How do I create a custom Windows Image for Openstack?

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How can we create a custom windows bootable image (2008 R2) from an iso file. Is anybody aware of the steps to get this done ?

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answered 2014-12-06 06:49:31 -0600

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Here are the scripts that we use to generate the official Windows Server evaluation images.

The scripts install automatically the VirtIO drivers, install cloudbase-init, install all Windows Updates and sysprep the instance:

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answered 2014-12-06 02:19:07 -0600

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updated 2014-12-06 03:00:59 -0600

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Hey hey,

First of all you must install the iso as a vm, with kvm or virtualbox or anything else.

Then you must install the virtio drivers for network and sata support and cloud-init.

Is this done you can make your personal settings.

Now its time for the sysprep (maybe the sysprep reset your personal settings)

After that you can convert the vmdk (or what you use) to qcow2

Here is an good guid to do that: or

I hope this will help you

Regards, rahuk

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I added a link to the virtio drivers needed. We should probably make a note that virtio is only for KVM. I may turn this into a Wiki post later. Good job!

SamYaple gravatar imageSamYaple ( 2014-12-06 03:01:46 -0600 )edit

answered 2015-03-25 06:44:23 -0600

updated 2015-03-25 06:45:20 -0600

Here the Following Link which helps you to create windows image is easy way..

link text

link text

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