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how to install zuul and link with gerrit and jenkins

asked 2014-12-05 06:55:51 -0500

zohaib gravatar image

I am currently working on Continuous integration tools . I have successfully installed and socnfigure the gerit and jenkins and also had run the jobs in jenkins. Now i want to install zuul and jenkins job builder ? Currently i am installing these softwares on standalone server not with openstack for my testing purpose "

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answered 2014-12-05 07:30:38 -0500

The documentation for Zuul is very thorough:

And the same for Jenkins Job Builder:

The OpenStack Project Infrastructure systems install these from Puppet modules:

We also publish this document, which is a little more expansive (but could also use some updating):

And we have this which discusses the Gerrit event stream somewhat:

Also you may find these slide presentations helpful to get an overview of how we fit the various pieces tor conceptually:

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+1 for a very informative post, thanks for the update !!

Syed Awais Ali gravatar imageSyed Awais Ali ( 2014-12-05 08:33:24 -0500 )edit

answered 2014-12-05 07:13:48 -0500

updated 2014-12-05 07:14:18 -0500

The following is a series of links that helps greatly in understanding and working of CI (Continuous Integration)
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I agree it's an excellent blog post, but its examples assume a much older version of Gerrit (we upgraded just after Jay wrote it), and generally in need of updating. The third-party testing workgroup is in the process of revamping it for inclusion in

fungi gravatar imagefungi ( 2014-12-05 07:38:01 -0500 )edit

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