HA hardware for small numbers of virtual machines

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I need to deploy two apps on cloud foundry.

Both are rails 4 web apps relying on postgis.

I'd like to be able to deploy CloudFoundry on Openstack so that both apps can scale up to 10 medium virtual machines (20 vcores and 40 GB of RAM).

I'd like to have High Availability so I'd start with two controllers and two compute.

For the two controllers I'd opt for two 1U servers with 1 quad core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 2 3TB HD and 2 1 GB NICs. For the two compute I'd opt for two 2U servers with 2 6 core CPU, 64 GB RAM, 4 2TB HD and 2 1 GB NICs.

Is it a good hardware choice for the envisioned scenario?

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answered 2016-10-13 07:50:01 -0600

Hi there,

If you want to give H.A. only at controller level, you're OK, but, if you want to also give your instances (vm's) H.A., and also, live-migration, you need to either have a common shared space storage (NFS, GlusterFS) for /var/lib/nova/instances (the "instances" directory), or, use CEPH for nova and libvirt, so the actual storage storage for your instances (ephemeral, swap, etc.) is completely out of the compute nodes.

For the first option (/var/lib/nova/instances) you need a NFS or GlusterFS solution, so your "instances" directory will be stored in a NAS solution (again, NFS or GlusterFS): This means a separate equipment for the NAS.

For the second option (CEPH, which is by far one of the best options if not the very best for OpenStack), you need more hardware, but, you can escalate more !.

Also remember, if you plan to deploy Cloudfoundry into your OpenStack cloud, that you'll need at least 7 vm's for the cloudfoundry complete suit, and some 32 vcpu's and about 48-128 gigs of ram...bare minimum 48 gigs of ram.

If you go for the CEPH way, I have a recipe and complete LAB for Mitaka Series in my github-pages site:


Good luck and success !

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