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After installing Openstack IceHouse, I performed some benchmarks to find the Volume Performance was fairly slow (9 Mb/s, as opposed to 80 Mb/s on the host machine). To correct this, I attempted to switch the message queuing system to ZeroMQ, which boasts much faster performance in general to the default RabbitMQ. However, there is very little documentation, and I am asking for help here.

The setup is composed of 4 machines, the controller, network, compute1, and block1 hosts. I am editing the nova.conf on the controller and compute1, cinder.conf on block1, and neutron.conf on network, setting...

rpc_backend = zmq
rpc_zmq_host = <host>
rpc_zmq_matchmaker = oslo.messaging._drivers.matchmaker_rung.MatchMakerRing
rpc_zmq_bind_address = *
rpc_zmq_ipc_dir/var/run/<openstack, cinder, or neutron>

In addition, I am manually starting the zmq receiver...

compute1:/$ oslo-messaging-zmq-receiver --config-file /etc/nova/nova.conf
block1:/$ oslo-messaging-zmq-receiver --config-file /etc/cinder/cinder.conf
network:/$ oslo-messaging-zmq-receiver --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf
controller:/$ oslo-messaging-zmq-receiver --config-file /etc/nova/nova.conf

Currently, it is not working. In the controller's ipc directory, I see a single open socket. In others, the logfiles show failed connections - Timeout while waiting on RPC response - topic: "<unknown>", RPC method: "<unknown>", info: "<unknown>",.

Any aid about zeroMQ setup would be appreciated.

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answered 2014-12-05 13:17:08 -0600

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zeroMQ isn't going to be the bottleneck for volume performance. You may want to save this type of configuration for when you run into Message Queue issues. You're going to benefit from the loads of documentation about RabbitMQ + HA + Clustering if you are considering taking this to production.

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