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New instance status remains "build"

asked 2013-09-28 03:30:18 -0600

vladber gravatar image

Hi ,

I launched a new instance and its status remains "build" with task "scheduling" .

What may cause the problem ?

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Looks like a problem with the nova scheduler. Could you edit your question and post the logs for nova-api and nova-scheduler and also post the configuration files of nova(ie /etc/nova/nova.conf)?

Sirushti Murugesan gravatar imageSirushti Murugesan ( 2013-09-28 06:18:58 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-09-29 08:06:29 -0600

vladber gravatar image

While booting a new instance on the compute01 node in cinder-volume.log I see this error :

2013-09-29 12:58:27 ERROR [cinder.openstack.common.rpc.common] Failed to publish message to topic 'cinder-scheduler': Socket closed

In the nova-scheduler.log on control01 node :

2013-09-29 12:58:02.380 ERROR nova.openstack.common.rpc.common [req-677838db-b771-43e7-917c-c856445045fa 20c6b89348a840f0ae79301e9702c2f4 eea286f1e8f04663aebe4999975c15f0] Failed to publish message to topic 'compute.compute01': Socket closed

The /etc/nova/nova.conf on control01 looks like :

[DEFAULT] dhcpbridge_flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf dhcpbridge=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge logdir=/var/log/nova state_path=/var/lib/nova lock_path=/var/lock/nova force_dhcp_release=True iscsi_helper=tgtadm libvirt_use_virtio_for_bridges=True connection_type=libvirt root_helper=sudo nova-rootwrap /etc/nova/rootwrap.conf verbose=False ec2_private_dns_show_ip=True api_paste_config=/etc/nova/api-paste.ini volumes_path=/var/lib/nova/volumes enabled_apis=ec2,osapi_compute quantum_auth_strategy=keystone debug=False rabbit_hosts=control-server quantum_admin_auth_url= quantum_admin_password=quantum_pass memcached_servers=,, sql_idle_timeout=30 quantum_admin_username=quantum glance_api_servers= novncproxy_host= rabbit_userid=openstack_rabbit_user rabbit_ha_queues=True rabbit_password=openstack_rabbit_password security_group_api=quantum sql_connection=mysql://nova:nova_pass@ rabbit_virtual_host=/ image_service=nova.image.glance.GlanceImageService firewall_driver=nova.virt.firewall.NoopFirewallDriver novncproxy_port=6080 quantum_admin_tenant_name=services quantum_region_name=RegionOne service_down_time=60 quantum_url= osapi_compute_listen= ec2_listen= volume_api_class=nova.volume.cinder.API service_quantum_metadata_proxy=False use_forwarded_for=False osapi_volume_listen= metadata_listen= auth_strategy=keystone osapi_compute_workers=16 rootwrap_config=/etc/nova/rootwrap.conf rpc_backend=nova.openstack.common.rpc.impl_kombu

Here the control-server refers to the VIP

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answered 2013-09-29 10:09:05 -0600

Check your Nova-computer, nova-schedule log

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