How to restart all VMs and network in HP Helion virtual system after reboot my workstation

asked 2014-12-02 03:27:47 -0500

Nesta Guo gravatar image

Hi all,

 I had installed sucessfully HP helion community Virtual installation in HP Z600 workstation last week. and seed VM, overcloud and undercloud VMs are ok, I can log in hp helion portal via web page of broswer. I can set up VM, network and so on in HP Helion system. Everything is work I think. But I have to restart my HP Z600 workstation today because of planned update. After I restart workstation, I find all VMs(seed, overcloud, undercloud) are still power off. I use 'virsh autostart' command to start all VMs, when I restart Z600 workstation again, all VMs can start, but network and VM network of all VMs are still not working. I can't ping IP of seed VM, overcloud VM and undercloud VM. I also can't ssh seed VM, overcloud and undercloud VM. I also can't see the HP Helion portal in Broswer. I check the network script under /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks, I think every script is ok. I don't know how I should solve this problem.

so who can help me for this question? Many Thanks.

Regards Nesta Guo

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