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I am facing problem while executing tempest test suite. when i ran the below command i was not getting any output nor any message. Please kindly help me how to execute the tests.

command run: nosetests -v tempest or testr run tempest

I am not getting any output it was stuck at that point even after waiting one hour. All the required packages has been installed successfully. Any help is greatly appreciated


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answered 2014-12-03 06:48:39 -0600

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you can run tempest tests by directly navigating into the tests folder.. If you want to run api based tests, just go to

/your_tempest_folder/tempest/api/identity ( or any service that you want to run )

and all you have to do is

nosetests -v test_( any test .py that you find in the relevant folders )

Log will be stored under name tempest.log in each folder.

Example.. I have a structure like this

sandy/tests/tempest/api/compute/admin/ ( and a bunch of tests )

Now i will cd sandy/tests/tempest/api/compute/admin/

and run

nosetests -v

You will get test results after that.

PS:- Make sure u edit tempest.conf to reflect to your environment ( it will be in /etc/tempest.conf)

Thank mav3r1cksandy

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I have been looking at answers of yours and they are good thanks mav3r1ck.

codecave gravatar imagecodecave ( 2014-12-13 12:21:27 -0600 )edit

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