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Mistral: cannot create execution

asked 2014-12-01 15:14:50 -0500

dt.turner gravatar image

updated 2014-12-08 12:44:06 -0500

Hi all-

I'm trying to run some examples from mistral-extral in order to demo Mistral functionality to my team. I'm using Mistral 0.1.1 cloned from GitHub on Oct 27th 2014.

I'm attempting to run the nova_actions example under mistral-extra/examples/v2/openstack by doing the following:

Create workbook:

mistral workbook-create nova_actions.yaml

Create a context.json file with the following contents:

   "vm_name": "mistral-vm",
   "image_ref": "098d6493-b47f-4e9b-a5d2-dae38b1eecc3",
   "flavor_ref": "3",
   "nics": ["e05abe4f-5279-4970-8403-7f9296c306d2"]

Create execution:

mistral execution-create nova_actions.create_vm context.json

This command successfully returns to show that the execution is running, but it quickly fails with the following log messages:

I can see no errors in nova logs. As a matter of fact, I'm not seeing calls pertaining to this tasks showing up in nova-api log.

Here is my workbook definition as defined by nova_action.yaml:

version: '2.0'

name: nova_actions

    type: direct
      - vm_name
      - image_ref
      - flavor_ref
      - nics
      vm_id: $.vm_id

        action: nova.servers_create name={$.vm_name} image={$.image_ref} flavor={$.flavor_ref} nics={$.nics}
          vm_id: $.id
          - check_server_exists

        action: nova.servers_get server={$.vm_id}
          server_exists: True
          - wait_instance

        action: nova.servers_find id={$.vm_id} status='ACTIVE'
            delay: 5
            count: 15

My environment variables are set as the following:

declare -x OS_AUTH_URL=""
declare -x OS_MISTRAL_URL=""
declare -x OS_PASSWORD="*****"
declare -x OS_TENANT_NAME="admin"
declare -x OS_USERNAME="admin"

Mistral.conf contents:


# Options defined in oslo.messaging

# Use durable queues in amqp. (boolean value)
# Deprecated group/name - [DEFAULT]/rabbit_durable_queues

# Auto-delete queues in amqp. (boolean value)

# Size of RPC connection pool. (integer value)

# Modules of exceptions that are permitted to be recreated
# upon receiving exception data from an rpc call. (list value)

# Qpid broker hostname. (string value)

# Qpid broker port. (integer value)

# Qpid HA cluster host:port pairs. (list value)

# Username for Qpid connection. (string value)

# Password for Qpid connection. (string value)

# Space separated list of SASL mechanisms to use for auth.
# (string value)

# Seconds between connection keepalive heartbeats. (integer
# value)

# Transport to use, either 'tcp' or 'ssl'. (string value)

# Whether to disable the Nagle algorithm. (boolean value)

# The qpid topology version to use.  Version 1 is what was
# originally used by impl_qpid.  Version 2 includes some
# backwards-incompatible changes that allow broker federation
# to work.  Users should update to version 2 when they are
# able to take everything down, as it requires a clean break.
# (integer value)

# SSL version to use (valid only if SSL enabled). valid values
# are TLSv1, SSLv23 and SSLv3. SSLv2 may be available on some
# distributions. (string value)

# SSL key file (valid only if SSL enabled). (string value)

# SSL cert file (valid only if SSL enabled). (string value)

# SSL certification authority file (valid only if ...
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answered 2014-12-04 11:28:59 -0500

Renat gravatar image

Thanks for letting us know. We're currently looking into this issue. Could you also please share your Mistral configuration file and check that you set needed environment variable for using mistral command line (OS_AUTH_URL, OS_PASSWORD, OS_TENANT_NAME, US_USERNAME)?


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Hi. I've updated my post with the requested information.

dt.turner gravatar imagedt.turner ( 2014-12-08 12:43:39 -0500 )edit

Yes, thanks! From what I see you use Keystone v2.0 authentication on the client side. So Mistral server now actually can't work correctly with v2.0. Did you try to change to v3? (note that it should be exactly "v3", not "v3.0")

Renat gravatar imageRenat ( 2014-12-09 23:59:22 -0500 )edit

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