Can the type of AMQP exchange for heat be changed to topic instead of fanout ?

asked 2014-12-01 00:14:35 -0500

Manjiri gravatar image

I am trying to see if its possible to make the exchange used by heat to be of the type topic and not fanout.

So for the new exchange, I create queues with the routing key to be the different regions in which the heat template can be deployed.

Then I start multiple heat engine processes one for every region.Each process should subscribe to the corresponding queue.

The heat api request sent for a particular region should get routed through the queue tagged with this region name as the routing key.

In the devstack icehouse installation I have observed the following behaviour :

1)The heat exchange is called engine_fanout 2)For each heat engine spawned ,there is a new queue created that gets associated with the engine_fanout exchange 3)The routing key by default is engine 4)The requests are delegated to these heat engine processes using the round robin algorithm

Can the scenario described above be supported in the devstack icehouse release ?If yes what all configurations do I need to do ?

Also,in which file can i find configurations for the current setup ?I could not find the rabbit configuration files on the machine where I have installed the devstack.I searched for rabbitmq.conf and rabbitmq-env.conf.

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