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Problem in Rebuilding Instance

asked 2014-11-28 02:10:24 -0600

updated 2014-12-01 05:37:05 -0600

Hi I downloaded Fedora and Ubuntu Cloud images from their websites. I created 20 GB Cinder Volume named "test1" using Fedora image. I launched Fedora instance with with "test1" as a Root Disk. Then I tried to rebuild instance from Horizon with Ubuntu Image. It rebuilded that successfuly. However when I reboot instance still it boots in Fedora.

Am I missing any steps here? Please help.

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answered 2014-12-02 16:50:44 -0600

mpetason gravatar image

I think you are missing the terminology. You wouldn't rebuild an instance as another OS, this would completely delete the old OS and repartition then install the new OS over it. When you rebuild an instance you need to use the same image.

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answered 2014-12-02 21:39:37 -0600

updated 2014-12-02 21:39:56 -0600

Thanks for reply. Yes, I agree that it will delete the old OS and Partition, I accept that. I was using Digital Ocean. In that I could rebuild the instance with different OS. It saved my time as well. I was expecting that here.

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