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I am installing juno release on Ubuntu 14.04 following the documentation.

When I finally got a VM deployed I could not access the VNC console attached to the VM because the install instructions did not include to add the VNC proxy packages although the docs do tell us how to configure vncproxy for compute.

I managed to resolve this by doing a:

sudo apt-get install nova-consoleauth nova-novncproxy

and then restarting novva-compute:

 sudo service nova-compute restart

Should this step be included in the original documentation?

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answered 2014-12-02 16:15:59 -0600

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Definitely verify that it is not included in any of the steps where you are installing Nova on a controller. If it doesn't show up in the documentation then you can create a bug against it in Launchpad.

If you don't have a launchpad account then you'll want to create one. It is a great way to interact with developers.

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