routing between instance in internal network

asked 2014-11-26 13:54:37 -0600

Ngoc Khanh Truong gravatar image

Hi all, i built an internal network in OpenStack as follow : Ext net - Router --- Instance 1 --- Instance 2 --- Instance 3

All instances run Windows Server 2102 cloudbase. I already activated Lan Routing in Instance 1 and 2. Default gateway in Instance 3 is also set to IP address of Instance 2. All Static routes are correctly configured. But from instance 3 i can not ping to interface IP address of Instance 1. Can any one tell me the problem?

Is there any way to create an instance act as a router?. It should be on an instance because i want to implement intrusion detection system on it which has routing function also. Thank you in advance! Sincerely

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