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I want to use a FC Storage for Nova Instances ephemeral storage. I defined a sample Datastore from FC Storage to all Compute Nodes of Openstack. I want to mount this shared storage to /var/lib/nova/instances/. My aim is to use live-migration and I do not want to use local storage of servers for instances. I am not sure about NFS, I do not use Controller node to share this FC Datastore to Compute nodes from network interfaces. Is there anyway to do that?

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answered 2013-09-26 09:22:22 -0600

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To use FC/SCSI storage for live-migration, you would need to fron-end the storage with a cluster file system so that your datastore can be mounted safely by multiple compute nodes. Your best best is to use NFS, which natively allows multiple user access.

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I am thinking to mount the FC Storage to Controller Node, and share it to Compute Nodes via NFS. I was thinking to mount different datastores for each Compute Nodes but if a compute node fails, there is no immediate recovery.

Y Sertdemir gravatar imageY Sertdemir ( 2013-09-27 07:22:44 -0600 )edit

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