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Is there any log management tool which work closely with openstack logs?

asked 2014-11-26 06:19:21 -0500

Vinoth gravatar image

Hi, Is there any log management tool (open Source) other than splunk log manager ( proprietary ) which works closely with openstack log ? I am planning to monitor the entire openstack log in one webUI window. I analysis splunk log manager in trial version which worked out-of-box. It's perfect but not an open source :-( So can anyone suggest me some other log management tool that can work closely with openstack logs ?

Thanks in Advance :-)

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answered 2014-11-26 07:57:28 -0500

You could give StackTach a try: . Afaik It listens to the message bus of an OpenStack installation. Another thing could be nagios . I didn't try any of them yet, but they are listed at .

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answered 2014-11-26 08:23:34 -0500

updated 2014-12-05 06:36:34 -0500

The followings are commonely used log management and visulizing system widely used in Openstack deployment:

splunk, is a complete proprietary log management tool. But you can configure three tools, to work together as a comprehensive near splunk like system. Fluentd is a complete data collector tool, that can be combined to Elasticsearch and Kibana. For more information to this approach, see this link.

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answered 2015-03-10 03:59:00 -0500

Praveen N gravatar image

Hi, you can find some good information with this link

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