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All the IPs are redirecting to openstack dashboard ?

asked 2014-11-26 04:40:47 -0500

jaikanth gravatar image

We have installed Open stack ice house and have done a all-in-one pack install. Our problem is that the free ips that are there in the subnet are automatically taken by openstack. All the IPs are redirecting to openstack dashboard ? How do we overcome this issue ?

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answered 2014-12-04 03:47:26 -0500

jaikanth gravatar image

Hi Mrunge,

Thanks for the response. I installed openstack using "packstack all in one" mode. So all the components like nova, cinder, neutron etc are all in one node. But the problem is that when openstack node started running, it started occupying the free ips in the subnet. For example : If i reboot a different VM, when the VM comes up openstack is assigning IP adresses automatically. Even though the VM has a static IP configured. Any thoughts on this ?


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your vms primarily get an internal IP; you can assign an additional IP, so called floating ip. this floating IP will be the IP to reach the vm from outside.

This question has nothing to do with the dashboard, which is my main project.

mrunge gravatar imagemrunge ( 2014-12-06 06:40:24 -0500 )edit

answered 2014-12-02 01:45:31 -0500

mrunge gravatar image

Could you please explain, what you mean by redirecting to openstack dashboard?

OpenStack Dashboard is the Dashboard component of OpenStack. You can use OpenStack without installing the Dashboard at all.

I assume, you meant something completely different.

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