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Launching instance fails - filter 'nova-no-nd-reflection' already exists

asked 2014-11-24 09:06:40 -0600

amic gravatar image

updated 2014-11-24 09:12:44 -0600

Recently we've deployed new versions of QEMU 2.1.5 and libvirt 1.2.9 on one of our computing nodes running Ubuntu 12.04 with Openstack Icehouse (nova-compute 2014.1.3, nova-network 2014.1.3). Since we've updated, OpenStack refuses to spawn any instances due to the following error:

ERROR nova.compute.manager [req-844ddf2a-0483-4664-82f2-c78a5cbc0d2c 7e6fb394ae24464e8e62f33f40831a23 3fb5f84e98384bbbaee47916e18e75a6] [instance: 5e1c3b21-7f1c-47e6-9bf8-001599380668] Error: operation failed: filter 'nova-no-nd-reflection' already exists with uuid 902712d0-25ea-4097-9faf-7ebc139ccfae
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answered 2014-11-24 10:03:54 -0600

amic gravatar image

updated 2014-12-03 03:10:00 -0600

Thanks for a quick answer, the main problem here is that i am using a custom builds of QEMU and Libvirt in order use post-copy live migration capability. Installing different version of Libvirt would mean loosing this feature.

[EDIT] It showed up it has been already fixed in later versions of Nova.

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answered 2014-11-24 09:53:10 -0600

dbaxps gravatar image

View 1.
Libvirt version on F21 1.2.9 .
View 2.
Temporary workaround Libvirt downgrade to 1.1.3

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