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mask expected for non-Ethernet II frame[openvswitch]

asked 2014-11-21 00:21:37 -0500

keky gravatar image

updated 2014-11-21 01:22:54 -0500

what is the problem with openvswitch,I use neutron in vlan mode and vm has 4 ethernet port.

2014-11-21T06:14:57.771Z|05903|odp_util(revalidator_12)|ERR|Dropped 20 log messages in last 55 seconds (most recently, 7 seconds ago) due to excessive rate 2014-11-21T06:14:57.771Z|05904|odp_util(revalidator_12)|ERR|mask expected for non-Ethernet II frame 2014-11-21T06:15:54.909Z|05905|odp_util(revalidator_12)|ERR|Dropped 25 log messages in last 57 seconds (most recently, 11 seconds ago) due to excessive rate 2014-11-21T06:15:54.909Z|05906|odp_util(revalidator_12)|ERR|mask expected for non-Ethernet II frame 2014-11-21T06:16:55.771Z|05907|odp_util(revalidator_12)|ERR|Dropped 37 log messages in last 61 seconds (most recently, 9 seconds ago) due to excessive rate 2014-11-21T06:16:55.771Z|05908|odp_util(revalidator_12)|ERR|mask expected for non-Ethernet II frame

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answered 2014-11-24 00:47:33 -0500

keky gravatar image

openvswitch-1.11.0_8ce28d-1.el6ost.x86_64 this version does not have this issue, But the version 2.1.3 do have these error logs,

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