Adding an extra custom property to the OpenStack API implementation

asked 2014-11-19 01:17:34 -0600

Anil Dongre gravatar image

We are in the process of implementing the OpenStack API. I need a confirmation on one understanding and have a couple of questions related to it.

  1. If I need to expose new resource or add an operation to the existing resource which is not in API specification, my understanding is that this could be done via Extensions mechanism. Please confirm.
  2. If for example I want to add a new property to an existing API should I still use Extensions? If yes how do I let the client know about the new property? Should I expect the client to first discover all the extensions before making a call? Is it accepted behavior to provide an error message informing the client about failure and asking that extensions be discovered before calling the API?
  3. Can I use metadata instead, for point 2 above? If yes what is preferred, metadata or extensions?
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