[Ironic] No VIFs found when trying to set node's provision state

asked 2014-11-18 21:24:44 -0600

hedspi_pro gravatar image

I'm using Ironic with Devstack. I have on bare metal server and was able to add it the Ironic service with "ipmitool" driver. (Also it is seen by nova with "nova hypervisor-list" command. $ nova hypervisor-list +----+--------------------------------------+ | ID | Hypervisor hostname | +----+--------------------------------------+ | 2 | c5fd5576-c807-4030-bad1-b8c594d8a71d | +----+--------------------------------------+ )

Now I'm trying to set the provision state of that node. However, the depoyment failed and and error: "Failed to deploy. Error: No VIFs found for node c5fd5576-c807-4030-bad1-b8c594d8a71d when attempting to update DHCP BOOT"

Does anyone know what's going wrong here? I have no idea what VIF is. Thanks.

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