Forwarding between two instances via shorewall over VXLAN

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HI All, I have my openstack network type VXLAN and for some reason I have an instance connected to the a private network which is routed to external one and another interface in a single private network not reachable to the external one.

This instance has a shorewall and forwards traffic from and to the single private network and the instances in there.

So the problem is that when you try to ping from any instance on the single private network it reaches the machine "the one that acts as a firewall" but the ping doesn't come back to the instance.

I believe that these data is dropped because I am using VXLAN and what actually happens that the ping starts from the first vxlan(single private net) and goes to firewall(the other vxlan network routed to external) and then when it comes back the neutron drop it because it's from the different vxlan than the one is routed to the external. But I am not sure if that true? I'm thinking of connecting the two networks in a bridge but this is really not practical.

I believe that the only was to fix that is to use GRE tunnels and This is not acceptable. Gre tunnels is unreliable networking for production. Any suggestions??

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answered 2016-06-27 05:55:45 -0600

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Does any one have feedback on that? Has anyone come across similar issue?

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