Unknown Property description in HOT yml [closed]

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What I am missing?

stack@localhost:~/devstack$ heat stack-create my_stack_1 -f my_templates/t4.yml -P "imageId=f66d11c7-cebd-447c-95af-a4573248945a;ssh_key_pair=oskey;volName=my_vol_1;volType=nfs" ERROR: Unknown Property description

The template:

heat_template_version: 2014-10-16

description: Create storage(Cinder vol), create compute(Nova inst), attach both to have the whole stack

parameter_groups: - label: test_pg_1 description: Ordering of parameters parameters: - imageId - ssh_key_pair - flavor - volName - volType - volSize

parameters: imageId: type: string description: the glance image Id (glance list)

ssh_key_pair: type: string description: the booted VM's ssh_key_pair (nova keypair-add oskey > oskey.priv)

flavor: type: string description: the flavor of the nova inst to be created default: m1.small

volName: type: string description: Name of the volume

volType: type: string description: type of the volume

volSize: type: number description: size of vol1 default: 1 constraints: - range : {min: 1, max: 5 } description: 1 GB to 5 GB

resources: # The storage (Cinder volume) the_storage: type: OS::Cinder::Volume properties: description: "Provisioned from Heat." name: {get_param : volName} size: {get_param : volSize} volume_type: {get_param : volType}

# The compute the_compute: type: OS::Nova::Server depends_on: the_storage properties: description: "Provisioned from Heat." flavor: {get_param : flavor} image: {get_param : imageId} key_name: {get_param : ssh_key_pair}

# Connecting the storage to the compute the_connection: type: OS::Cinder::VolumeAttachment depends_on: the_compute properties: description: "Provisioned from Heat." volume_id: { get_resource: the_storage } instance_uuid: { get_resource: the_compute }

outputs: output-1: value: { get_attr: [the_storage, display_name] }

stack@localhost:~/devstack$ ls -l oskey.priv -rw------- 1 stack stack 1680 Nov 18 19:14 oskey.priv stack@localhost:~/devstack$ glance image-list +--------------------------------------+---------------------------------+-------------+------------------+-----------+--------+ | ID | Name | Disk Format | Container Format | Size | Status | +--------------------------------------+---------------------------------+-------------+------------------+-----------+--------+ | f66d11c7-cebd-447c-95af-a4573248945a | Fedora-x86_64-20-20140618-sda | qcow2 | bare | 209649664 | active | +--------------------------------------+---------------------------------+-------------+------------------+-----------+--------+

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