cinder with emc vnx

asked 2014-11-14 12:42:13 -0500

kevin gravatar image

I am using icehouse release with KVM compute nodes and a server with cinder-volume installed as my storage server,(it uses iscsi to export lvm disks to compute nodes.)

Now i got a chance to TEST EMC VNX for couple of days which is currently used by our vmware cluster.

but as per icehouse documentation

You must activate VNX Snapshot and Thin Provisioning license for the array.

But i don't have separate license for this and i am sure vmware was using this array without any issue (not managed by openstack)

1.Do i really need this license to make it work with cinder (if i don't care about thin provisioning).

2.Isn't it possible to use qcow2 image format with EMC VNX and use its native snapshot feature?

3.Do i still need to keep a separate node with cinder-volume installed or can my controller node with cinder-api running can directly communicate?

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