How to create tons of compute nodes with FakeDrivers

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Hi everybody,
I want to stress test nova for purpose of scheduling.
I want to reach a number of compute nodes between 50 and 100.

I know that I can use nova.virt.fake to achieve this, but the problem is: should I have to create a VM for each fake compute node?

In this case, what configuration do you suggest to me in order to have the smallest VMs possible?
Spawning a hundred of VMs is a tough job!

I tried to spawn the VMs using Vagrant, but, on my laptop (I have also the possibility to use a more powerfu machines (Dell PowerEdge T320)), every machine takes at least 1 minute to be up.
I paste here a draft of Vagrantfile:

Vagrant.configure(VAGRANTFILE_API_VERSION) do |config|
# defining controller
config.vm.define "controller" do |controller| = DEFAULT_BOX
    controller.vm.hostname = "controller"

# defining tons of computes
NO_COMPUTE.times do |index|
    config.vm.define "compute#{index}" do |compute_node| = DEFAULT_BOX
        compute_node.vm.hostname = "compute#{index}"


I have also another question: can you suggest me a good place where to retrieve information on how to deploy your openstack code to a local testing environment?
I also read something about ironic, but I didn't understand a lot about it... Is it something that could help me in your opinion?
I read nova developer's guide, but there is almost nothing about how can I deploy my code to a local DevStack deploy on VMs.

Thank you in advance

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