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Hi ,

I am using Openstack Icehouse release from Mirantis (5.1). I am able to boot from ISO but then if I try to reboot the VM it doesn't boot from disk instead from CDROM so from iso.

For Ubuntu installation it's fine but we have different ISO file which first it needs ISO CDROM installation but then afterwards it needs to boot from disk. And most probably in parallel it needs additional info from CD ROM during boot from disk, similar like Windows installations.

I could use the cinder volume instead, delete the instance and recreate the instance and then by booting from disk by giving the parameters for the block-device "type=disk,bootindex=0".

But that doesn't solve my issue because it doesn't work for my ISO installation.

Because I need to use ephemeral storage instead block-storage, so then have not the possibility to use the block-device parameters.

Any hints to overcome this issue?

Here my nova-flavor:

nova flavor-show

    | Property                   | Value  |
    | OS-FLV-DISABLED:disabled   | False  |
    | OS-FLV-EXT-DATA:ephemeral  | 150    |
    | disk                       | 0      |
    | extra_specs                | {}     |
    | id                         | 10     |
    | name                       | flavor10 |
    | os-flavor-access:is_public | True   |
    | ram                        | 4096   |
    | rxtx_factor                | 1.0    |
    | swap                       |        |
    | vcpus                      | 8      |

And here the nova command:

nova boot MyVM --image c573ddd9-d5d0-400c-9587-8b4ec40f0655 --flavor 10 --nic net-id=1e9d05d4-12e1-4928-9ebb-8369f9ca8ccc

BR, Eyuep.

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answered 2015-02-04 07:05:01 -0600

SamYaple gravatar image

Unfortunately this isn't how Openstack is designed to be used so you'll find it hard to do what you are asking to do.

The closest you can get to is what you suggested with the cinder volume. Install from the ISO to the cinder volume, detach the volume and then boot from volume.

The Openstack way of doing this is to have an image built and ready to boot. Sysprep the image, to borrow a Windows term. Upload that to glance and have any customizations you want to done via cloud_init.

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