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Does Openstack support Contextualization like Nimbus ?

asked 2014-11-09 02:23:52 -0500

Rameez ahmad gravatar image

Our team has setup mpi(message passing interface) cluster of virtual machines using Nimbus toolkit installed on our infrastructure . Now , we want to move from nimbus to openstack . But , to provision on-demand mpi clusters(of virtual machines) , we need to know if Openstack supports contextualization or not . In simple terms , what Contextualization(in Nimbus) does is that once multiple virtual machines boot together(using cluster run option) , it helps running scripts on 1 VM which has its arguments as IP address/hostname of other VM in cluster . This feature is important for enabling passwordless ssh as they boot and also for mounting an NFS directory from from 1 virtual machine on other VMs dynamically . Please help as it is very important and please write if I need to give further explaination about Contextualization and problem we are facing in shifting to Openstack .

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answered 2014-11-09 07:08:14 -0500

Running multiple machines together: Yes in OpenStack we can run multiple machines together, also you can use heat component of OpenStack.

For Password less access: Yes OpenStack supports password less option while booting using keypair concept. For more details below is the link

Overall summary is: You can freely migrate tomOpenStack. If you want further information you can reach us at:

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Thank you for the reply. But, what I understood from the URL you gave is that it shows how we can let the HOST machine have a passwordless ssh access to the VIRTUAL machine instance. Actually I need 1 VIRTUAL machine to have passwordless access to other VIRTUAL machine(both machines run together)

Rameez ahmad gravatar imageRameez ahmad ( 2014-11-10 23:56:51 -0500 )edit

OpenStack is not providing this option. But it provides --file option, to place user specified file desired location.

If it doesn't work, then only way is need to right our own automation script, which enables passwordless login.

TechPatron gravatar imageTechPatron ( 2014-11-11 01:04:35 -0500 )edit

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