Error in launching an instance in Compute Node

asked 2014-11-05 13:01:34 -0600

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I am running a Multinode Devstack, with one Controller Node and one Compute Node. Our setup is like:

  1. 1 hp laptop acting as a controller node (With no VM's)
  2. 1 hp laptop acting as a compute node (With no VM's, devstack directly installed on the computer)
  3. A router to connect the controller and the compute node ( assigned an ip on eth0 of both laptops and connected them via a router, acting as a switch).

After running ./, and sourcing the openrc file, when I run

Nova hypervisor-list

I see both the control and compute node like this:

| ID | Hypervisor hostname | State | Status |
| 1  | sak                 |       |        |
| 2  | ganapathy           |       |        |

But I launch an instance on the Compute node, it goes into the error state. The erorr is:

{"message": "too many values to unpack | | Traceback (most recent call last): }

And when i launch the instance on controller node, everything works smoothly! I am using the following command;

nova boot --flavor m1.tiny --image $(nova image-list | grep $IMAGE'\s' | awk '{print $2}') --nic net-id=$(neutron net-list | grep private | awk '{print $2}') host1 --availability_zone=nova:ganapathy

Can anyone please help me with it? Any help will be appreciated

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can you please provide log from /var/log/nova/nova-compute.log?

rajiv-kumar gravatar imagerajiv-kumar ( 2014-11-05 22:10:46 -0600 )edit

and... nova-manage service list

New-stack gravatar imageNew-stack ( 2014-11-06 03:30:19 -0600 )edit

I have nothing under /var/log/nova/. Its an empty directory :/

NewStacker gravatar imageNewStacker ( 2014-11-07 10:35:16 -0600 )edit

check logs in /etc/nova/nova-api and nova-manage.log also.

rajiv-kumar gravatar imagerajiv-kumar ( 2014-11-07 13:04:05 -0600 )edit