can't connect to the VM over the floating ip (but works from compute node) [closed]

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hello I am a beginner to the Openstack world I'm using RDO Icehouse and I am trying to understand why I can't communicate to my VMs over the floating IPs.

I installed the allinone RDO Icehouse on a Centos 6.5 following the Quickstart specific for Neutron over an existing network, this is the link (

I think I followed exactly the instructions to the letter. I have assigned a floating IP belonging to my local network but from the Cirros test image I can't ping anything on my LAN and I can't ping or ssh into it either from my computer. I can however ping and ssh directly from the compute node to the VM.

A traceroute dies on the second hop: traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 46 byte packets 1 host-10-0-0-1.openstacklocal ( 1.035 ms 0.529 ms 0.086 ms 2 ( 3002.228 ms !H 3003.031 ms !H 3003.905 ms !H

where is the router internal interface on the private subnet, is the floating IP I assigned to the VM

Any help is greatly appreciated thanks

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