Cloud controller ping instances with fixed-ip

asked 2014-10-30 02:15:52 -0600

craigjb gravatar image

How do enable my cloud controller to ping the instances' fixed-ips running on separate compute nodes?

I finished installing OpenStack with a cloud controller and two compute nodes. I used nova network flatDCHP with the multi_host option enabled. I can boot instances on both computes nodes, and the instances can see each other on the private network. The compute nodes can also ping the instances running locally, however they cannot ping instances on other compute nodes. The cloud controller and two compute nodes are on the same network. The compute nodes each have 2 NICs, one with a static IP on the network, and one for the nova-network bridge br100.

If I run 'ip route add FIXED_IP via COMPUTE_NODE_IP dev eth0' on the cloud controller, then I can ping the instance. However, this is not automatic.


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