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Is volume_type referring to its NAME or ID?

asked 2013-09-19 12:23:00 -0600

ben gravatar image

In the Cinder Bloack Storage specs,

the input to create volume REST call is: { "volume":{ "name":"vol-001", "description":"Another volume.", "size":30, "volume_type":"289da7f8-6440-407c-9fb4-7db01ec49164", "availability_zone":"us-east1", "metadata":{ "contents":"junk" } } }

Q: Is the value of the "volume_type" shown above example referring to the NAME ord ID of a Volume Type?. Rackspace seems to use VolumeType name: { "volume": { "display_name": "vol-001", "display_description": "Another volume.", "size": 100, "volume_type": "SATA", } }


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answered 2013-09-20 10:23:24 -0600

Sirushti Murugesan gravatar image

Hi, Indeed the value of volume_type in that example is quite misleading. The purpose of volume_type is really just to distinguish the different storage volumes based on their characteristics. So it's neither a volume's NAME nor is it it's ID.

The ID and Name(if you'd specified any) are returned. You can find them in the response body.

Response Body:

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