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quantum port-create without fixed-ip

asked 2013-09-19 07:21:34 -0500

anonymous user



There is any option to the port-create cli command to tell it not to assign an IP adress, when the net has an associated subnet ?

When I use port-create without fixed-ip option, it is using one of the subnet associated with the net.

root@nvp:~# quantum port-create 94fa8146-97a8-4411-a0b5-c1f5fd507dfd
Created a new port:
| Field          | Value                                                                              |
| admin_state_up | True                                                                               |
| device_id      |                                                                                    |
| device_owner   |                                                                                    |
| fixed_ips      | {"subnet_id": "7f6ca55e-3827-4442-859e-467219d5f599", "ip_address": ""} |
| id             | 2b401b5a-07ff-44cd-952d-79df4f29230b                                               |
| mac_address    | fa:16:3e:36:37:2b                                                                  |
| name           |                                                                                    |
| network_id     | 94fa8146-97a8-4411-a0b5-c1f5fd507dfd                                               |
| status         | ACTIVE                                                                             |
| tenant_id      | b5cbf5e6b42943afb785ed6c576d0350                                                   |


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answered 2013-11-08 00:04:14 -0500

Kanth gravatar image

I have similar requirement. I want to inject only specific mac-address to the VNICs of the VM, but donot want IP address to be allocated by openstack. And want to connect vnic1 of one VM with vnic1 of another VM using same bridge (as if they are connected directly).

vnic1 of VM1 ----> bridge1 <----- vnic1 of VM2

Any way to achieve it using openstack?

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answered 2013-09-22 06:41:14 -0500

Ashokb gravatar image

I am afraid there is no way right now. AFAIK neutron/quantum's IPAM algorithm will try to allocate an ip when a port gets created . What's your exact use case?

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answered 2014-01-16 02:04:52 -0500

Marek Ruzicka gravatar image

Let's say you are trying to connect tenant with existing environment outside of OpenStack through provider network mapped directly to physical one. There is already a DHCP running in that "outside" network...

Let's say you are doing 1-to-1 migration to OpenStack, and you need to keep the IPs intact.

I believe I can come up with much more use cases... This is just the one I dealing with at the moment.

Another thing that is looks absolutely weird to me is, that even if I am disabling DHCP in subnet, there is always one. Well kind of... even if my instance is not assigned IP directly, there is always only one available anyway (since it was assigned to a port and I'm not allowed to use any other).

I guess to put it simply, what we need is possibility for free and static IP assignemt (as long as we are not running DHCP in the subnet).

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