Why does br-eth1 fail to pass traffic from some VLANs? [closed]

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If you look at the http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-network/admin/content/under_the_hood_openvswitch.html (OpenStack Network Administration Guide), my OpenStack Grizzly configuration is fairly similar to Scenario #1 in that I have hosts that are dual-honed to two separate Quantum networks. As such, my network host and compute hosts are configured identical to that of the figures.

I notice that the network I have associated with eth1 on all my guest VMs is always able to pass DHCP requests to dnsmasq running on the network node, while the network I have associated with eth0 on all my guest VMs is not. I can sniff traffic on eth1 on the network node and see DHCP requests coming from MAC addresses on both networks. However, when I sniff traffic on br-eth1, I only see DHCP requests coming from MAC addresses that are on the network associated with the guest VMs eth1 interfaces.

Why would it be that br-eth1 is not seeing/passing traffic from a particular VLAN?

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