How are actions on VMs handled?

asked 2014-10-24 03:40:23 -0600

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Hi everybody,
we are developing for academic interest a service for Nova which tries to achieve resource optimization.
We already saw that somebody noticed that Nova hasn't nothing which does this.

Given this, a first question: do you know if the state of the art is still unchanged? Or there is some work related which is not included in the link above?

Going further, to develop the service, we have to know how actions on VMs (such as create, delete, resize and so on) are handled by Nova.
We have already read (and understood) a lot of code from github.
For instance, we understood that (correct me if I am wrong, please):

  • the creation and the resize of a VM passes through the scheduler
  • the delete of a VM doesn't cause any other service to take autonomic decisions

The real problem is that Nova is really really big and we are scared of missing something crucial.

So, the second question is: do you know of some documentation in OpenStack which well describes this processes? Do we have to continue on this direction and continue looking at the code?

Thank you in advance

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