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Can I install a basic openstack on a Windows box ? If so how ?

asked 2014-10-23 09:56:21 -0500

anonymous user


Hello All, I am trying to setup an openstack private cloud on my local windows box. I am not able to find a step by step guide on how to do this. My Box specs are Intel core i7 3.4 Ghz 24GB RAM and 2TB disk space running windows 8.1. How can I install a openstack demo instance on my box ?

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2014-10-23 11:12:57 -0500

LZ gravatar image

Here is a recommendation for a locate Openstack demo instance.

Step take about 20-30 mins total depends your tech skills

1) Install Virtual Box (5 mins)

2) Install Ubuntu 14 LTS in Virutal Instance (10 mins)

3) Follow the steps below and you will have a local Openstack demo instance in 15 mins (

For people do not like read there is a youtube step-by-step instruction (

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answered 2014-11-10 07:07:00 -0500

alexpilotti gravatar image

There's a project in beta tailored at your needs being released in a couple of weeks, using the Hyper-V hypervisor driver natively included in your Windows 8.1 and fully supported by OpenStack, without needing any external components like VirtualBox:

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answered 2014-10-23 11:06:12 -0500

updated 2014-10-23 11:35:16 -0500

One simple way is to download rackspace cloud image for vmware workstation , which is complete preinstalled openstack image contains all core projects(Compute, Swift, Glance, Neutron, ...). Just download it, and import to your virtualization tool(Vmware workstation).

You can follow the guide here.

This similar post can also be useful.

You can also use openstack online service via Trystack(If you don't want to install it on your system).

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answered 2014-10-23 11:02:03 -0500

Cloudbase solutions targets openstack for windows. Follow this link to install openstack compute installer. Follow this thread to get more information

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answered 2014-10-23 10:45:51 -0500

dbaxps gravatar image

updated 2014-10-23 10:53:54 -0500

I guess Windows version of VMWare station would allow create Linux VMs as nodes for Openstack.
I hardly believe that there is version of Openstack just for Windows.

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answered 2015-03-25 06:55:27 -0500

Creating Ubuntu machines in virtual box on top of Windows wont support KVM hypervisor, being nested virtualisation. For that should check the virtual hypervisor is enabled in windows boot page. To play with openstack try devstack.

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