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I have a requirement, where the IP address of the vm on which packstack, is deployed changes every 4 weeks. Because of this constraint, i need to do the install using the hostname and not the ip address.

But while deploying openstack using packstack ... if i specify a hostname when prompted for entering an ip address, i receive an error that the value entered is not in a valid format (since packstack expects the input to be an ip address).

Is there a way to override this and use hostname during the installation. ??

P.S: I am not doing a full --allinone install ... Keystone , Glance and command line tools are the only components that i need to deploy.

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answered 2014-10-23 16:08:24 -0600

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At this moment, it isn’t supported:

However, since it’d actually be a very interesting feature to have, it may be supported for Kilo, or late during the Juno support cycle.

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