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How to successfully migrate neutron+ovs+gre to a new machine

asked 2014-10-21 19:24:39 -0500

Dirk gravatar image

When I originally set up Openstack Grizzley, I used an older server as the controller. That system was upgraded to Havana and then Icehouse, with base U14.04 software. This is an install with GRE tunnels, openvswitch, L3 and DHCP agents.

I wanted to swap in a faster machine, so I did a fresh U14.04 installed and just moved over all the config files, mysql, etc, including /etc/openvswitch.

The resulting system is working fine for glance, cinder, etc but not for neutron because the IP net name spaces aren't copied over all as well as the full OVS configuration -- e.g. on the old system, I had entries like qrouter-XXX when I did ip netns, and there were qg-XXXX ports in my br-ex and br-int. None of this appears on the new system (even though I copied over /etc/openvswitch).

Is there a way to re-create these OVS and ip-netns entries? Am I going to have to delete all the networks & routers and re-create them?

Is it sufficient to just create the ports that appear on the old controller on in br-int / br-ex on the new controller, and likewise just create the ip net name spaces? My gut tells me know because the wiring diagram at e.g. ( look more complicated than the info I have left on my old controller.

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Was the system running with Icehouse release ? remember you need the same ovs version on all machines.

foexle gravatar imagefoexle ( 2014-10-22 04:15:10 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-10-22 01:23:49 -0500

Enno Gröper gravatar image

I'm not an expert, but I thought all the stuff you miss should be created / configured by the layer 3 agent of neutron. Have you checked it is running correctly?

I don't think creating that stuff manually would help much. It might work temporarely but is no correct solution.

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