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is there a way to disable glance image-cache

asked 2014-10-20 12:22:09 -0500

craig-delatte gravatar image

updated 2014-10-20 13:36:01 -0500

/var/lib/glance is on our root FS by default, and as our users are doing more with images, we are filling up our root FS faster than the image pruner can cleanup. we are currently running our pruning job every 2 mins. we want to go straight to ceph which is where we are storing the images without staging anything on the FS if possible.

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answered 2014-10-20 13:34:59 -0500

If I properly undrestand your need, You want to store your images on ceph instead of glance local storage. To do that, you have to configure glance to use ceph as storage backend. This document is useful to do that.

Also the following post is similar and may contain useful information: how to make ceph bypass local storage of Glance images to boot?

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actually, we are using ceph to store the images. this is only pertaining to image-cache which uses the /var/lib/glance as a working directory.

craig-delatte gravatar imagecraig-delatte ( 2014-10-20 14:15:34 -0500 )edit

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