openstack icehouse with vcenter 5.5 problem

asked 2014-10-16 03:15:14 -0500

weilin wu gravatar image

I run the icehouse on the vmware machine ,the machine use the nat -net. And only eth0,no eth1,the net use Local +flatDHCP. it can work well with the kvm . Now I configure the vcenter 5.5, I change the driver,and the vcenter host ,user,password and so on. I can create the vmware instance, I can see it from the vsphere client. But I cann 't ping the instance, i login on the instance from the vsphere client, and i found the machine ip was

and the vcenter use the distribute switch, I add the standard switch name "br-int",the two switch use diffrent vmnic, I don't know if it will be problem?

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